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Just make it a square please edexcelmaths core2maths — adam hoodahey May 25, There was a very strange question about sheep in A Level C2 Maths. Follow 13 Think the percentage of the amount of alcohol 15 year olds drink will be a lot higher after that exam aqabiology — charlotte charlotte2byron May 17,

Friends, family and work Replies: We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. Don't lie about it, it would be best if you tell her the truth. national electronic theses and dissertations Original post by Notions97 Typed up. Original post by Notions97 Long story short I submitted my coursework but it was about words over

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Follow 8 You teacher seems a bit pathetic as most teacher usually look over what you have done before it's submission. The way you will be penalised is by not getting any marks for those extra words. History coursework aqa 2016 This forum is supported by: Follow 7

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Follow 13 Also how will they know it's over?? But this luckily provided opportunity for jokes on Twitter. New Times uni rankings released.

From what my teacher has said, words is the maximum and any more than that you will loose marks for, i remember my GCSE coursework going down by around 5 marks from full marks because i went over. This Mean Girls image is still a timeless classic. writing dissertations youtube The way you will be penalised is by not getting any marks for those extra words. Follow 20

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If typed up, it's easy to check if it's over the limit or not copy, paste, check word count. She told me to get the essay down to max and I did, and she was very adamant about none of us putting a word count on it. History coursework aqa 2016 And students worried about what their parents would think of their results. Some thought they completely failed AQA Maths. Becoming a sheep farmer with your results but then realising you can't work out the area of their pen edexcelmaths c2.

Original post by Notions97 My title was ' From Autocracy to Democracy the Russian tradition of a centralised police state has never been seriously challenged. Honestly I have no more worries! When the biology exam is about teenagers and rats getting drunk but you revised actual biology instead aqabiology pic.

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